Hearts Ablaze
Hearts on Fire Series #1

“This was an emotion packed, heartbreaking, and heartwarming read! I loved every word of it. Noah with his understanding, loving, protective nature and Aubrey with her fierce, loving nature were a perfect match. I LOVED their story and am eagerly moving on to the next in this series.”

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Burning Love
Hearts on Fire Series #2

“This author had a BEAUTIFUL way of telling a story. I truly enjoyed Grayson and Kennedy’s story. It was filled with lots of passion, heat, and of course, LOVE! I did a fair share of crying and laughing while reading. I am enamored with these firefighters and their loves!!”

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Heart’s Desire
Hearts on Fire Series #3

“Enter Hunter Daniels. He’s sexy as sin. AND he works with Noah. There’s a chance meeting between Hunter and Cameron and FIREWORKS go off….I swear this is my favorite book out of the series.”

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Unexpected Flames
Hearts on Fire Series #4

“I don’t read M/M novels regularly, but darn if I didn’t love everything about this book. The emotions were raw and captivating. Chase and Landon had a great story with a lot of turmoil and a lot of love. It was great taking their ride to an HEA. Oh, what an HEA it was!!”

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Stay With Me
Taphouse Blues Series #1

“A great book moves you and makes you feel that you know what the characters are going through. You feel as if you are right there with them sharing their fears, joys, tears and laughter. This book is about trusting your heart, instant attraction, taking a chance on love and protecting those you love. Once you read “Stay With Me” you will never forget it and it will stay with you forever.”

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Don’t Say Goodbye
Taphouse Blues Series #2

“This author breaks me in the best ways. Garret is a strong Alpha male with a heart of gold. Sadie is a woman with fight who feels broken. Together, these two characters come together and give us a BEAUTIFUL story. As always, with this author, I ran the gamut of emotions…tears, anger, laughter, heat, and love. Another winner!!”

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Fighting for Us
The Jackson Trilogy #1

“Oh man, where do I start? This book pulled me in from the first chapter and I didn’t put it down until I finished. Even when I read that last word I didn’t want it to be over, I wanted the story to go on. I fell head over heels for Em and Levi. These two stole my heart from the very beginning. This book takes you on a gauntlet of emotions, emotions so strong they leap off the page and wrap around you.”

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Releasing December 1, 2020
Just With You
Taphouse Blues #3

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